Jason Paul Roberts was born and raised on the north side of Chicago, where, as a child, he studied art and music. After receiving his art degree in 1995, Jason moved to Colorado, where he became one of Denver's top studio photographers for musicians and entertainers.

Jason went on to study abroad under several acclaimed Magnum photographers and subsequently earned a second degree in Multimedia Journalism and Contemporary Social Issues, with a focus on how the media impacts marginalized communities.

A curious person by nature, Jason has a passion for learning about people and their lifestyles. Whether he's making portraits of people in his studio or on the street, or documenting a festival or convention, Jason uses his camera to connect with his subjects in a beautifully raw and honest way. 

Over the years, Jason has published several photography books, given talks on documentary and street photography, led street photography workshops, and mentored underserved children on photography and multimedia journalism.

Jason lives in Denver, but splits his time between Denver, New Orleans, and Atlanta. When he's not making pictures, Jason serves on the executive team for a nonprofit devoted to helping underserved children access quality education.

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