Born and raised on the streets of Chicago, Jason Paul Roberts embodies the spirit of a true creative explorer. His journey through the realms of art and music during his formative years set the stage for a multidisciplinary artistic career that seamlessly integrates the visual and auditory realms.

In the heartland of Illinois, while pursuing a degree in music theory, Roberts first encountered the transformative power of photography. After graduating in 1995, Roberts sought a new horizon in Colorado, where he continued to merge his newfound passion for photography with his musical roots. Fifteen years later, he had become one of Denver's premier studio photographers for musicians and entertainers–working with a host of newspapers, magazines, and record labels.

Roberts' insatiable curiosity led him to broaden his artistic horizons. Venturing abroad, in the years between 2011-2013 he studied photojournalism under the mentorship of renowned Magnum photographers Thomas Dworzak, Trent Parke, and Jacob Aue Sobol. In 2016, Roberts went on to study at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, where he received a second degree in Multimedia Journalism and Contemporary Social Issues, with a focus on the impact of media on marginalized and underserved communities.

A consummate storyteller, Roberts employs his camera as a conduit for genuine human connection. Whether within the controlled confines of a studio or amid the vibrant chaos of street life, he captures his subjects with a profound, unfiltered honesty. His lens is a bridge between worlds, a tool for unveiling the raw beauty inherent in the diverse tapestry of human experience.

Roberts continues to live in Denver but splits his time between Denver and New Orleans. When he's not making pictures, Roberts serves on the executive team for a nonprofit devoted to helping underserved children access quality education.

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